Sunday, 2 March 2008
This is the 3rd part in a series about a girl who is changed into a 'half blooded' vampire. The first 2 books 'Braced 2 Bite' and 'Fangs 4 Freaks' were quite good and I have been looking forward to reading this next part.

However I was slightly annoyed at first to see the writer had changed her style and was writing one chapter from Colby's point of view (the vamp) and then the next chapter from her friend Piper's point of view...and then so on always changing between the 2.

After a few chapters though I realised that this change wasn't as annoying as I previously thought it would be. It was actually a nice change. I have to admit that Colby was starting to sound like nails being drawn down a chalkboard in the last book so it was refreshing to hear the story from another point of view.

The story wasn't that amazing but it kept me interested enough to read till the end. It is a quick read and I do hope there will be more but I won't be upset if this was the last one. The author is a great writer and maybe she will go on to write something else.


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