Saturday, 23 February 2008
Marla is a sorcerer and guardian for the city of Felport. A rival is preparing to use a powerful spell to end her life and which will also wreck and ruin her city. Out to stop the spell from working she travels to San Francisco to find an artifact that could save her life.

However things are never easy and when Marla arrives in San Francisco with her partner, Rondeau, they end up getting involved in something alot bigger. Making their stay in the city longer and alot more interesting. Posisonous frogs, murdering hummingbirds, cannibals and a snake god are just some of the dangers they come up against. Will they manage to survive?

This was an amazing and very satisfying read. It took me a while to get used to the main character Marla but she is an enigma and it seems it may take a few books to really get to know her. Her friend Rondeau was really intersting and I hope the character B will appear in the following books.

A really well written book I often wondered at the beginning if I had missed something. Was this really the first book? Alot of the information just wasn't explained. However by the end of the book I felt I knew everything I needed to know and hope that I will see Marla in action in her hometown next time.

'Posion Sleep', the second part in this series, is due out next month and I can't wait to read it. 'Dead Reign' is due out in October and I am sure both books will be as good if not better than this first novel.

Here is a new author and series alot of you should go out and try!


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