Thursday 14 February 2008
I was very disappointed when this book arrived. They say size doesn't matter but this book is a thin like novella which I wasn't expecting. However I was hoping that the contents would be amazing. Especially as this small book wasn't cheap at over double the price of a normal sized paperback book.

So I wasn't entirely disappointed with the story. It wasn't amazing but it wasn't bad either. I really do prefer the 'Riley Jensen' series and although this was paranormal it just didn't have the length of a normal novel and therefore it missed the depth of a nice story.

The characters were ok and the storyline was not so bad. For a book with only 145 pages at least a 3rd seemed to be filled with sex scenes or talk about sex.

If you are a Keri Arthur fan then you will most likely enjoy this. If you are new to this author then go and read the 'Riley Jensen' books first because they are great!


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