Wednesday 13 February 2008
Sherrilyn Kenyon has done it again with this 3rd book in the Dream-Hunter series. She has managed yet again to write an amazing story with great characters that leaves you wanting more.

Of course if you haven't ever visited the 'Dark Hunters' or read the other books in the 'Dream Hunters' series this book will mean nothing to you (and I would wonder who in their right minds hasn't even tried this series!!).

Xypher made a deal in the last book to have one month on earth to redeem himself. Meeting Simone by accident he ends up attached to her. Literally. Working close together to find a killer and keep one step ahead of all types of demons. It is only a matter of time before the two of them have no more secrets.

I really liked Xypher and especially liked Simone. Her ability to see ghosts made her special and Jesse her ghost in residence was fun and refreshing. Some of the regular characters showed up in this one like Ash and Julian as well as a few others. The background storyline from the complete series pieces some more things together for the fans but it is clear that the next book, due out in Summer, 'Acheron' will be a big one!


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