Friday, 8 February 2008
This is one of those books that leaves you wondering 'Do I really like this?' or 'Should I finish reading this one?' all the whole way through. Although this wasn't a bad read it hasn't left me rushing to go order the next books in the series.

The start of the book is set in the middle of war. Felix Gomez is a soldier in Iraq who happens upon an Iraqi vampire who decides to turn him into an undead.

The story continues with Felix becomming a Private Detective and ending up in Rocky Flats, Colorado. Usually all the nice powers he has helps solving cases but this case has him not only trying to solve the mystery of the Nymphomanic outbreaks but also dodging vampire hunters.

The title had me prepared for lots of unnecessary sex scenes. However as the book went on I was surprised and happy to read hardly anything more than a few kisses and come on and sexual innuendo's.

All in all not a bad book but not something that had me dying for more. I will be reading the other books in the series but they are not high on my must have list. Felix is a nice character and is a vampire version of Harry Dresden.


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