Saturday, 2 February 2008
The wonderful CheriePie put together an Mbag for me so that all the people in the States could send books to me cheaper than international postage. The Bag arrived on Wednesday and I finally had time yesterday to pick it up from the post office!

With about 40 books inside that I am dying to read! I picked this one today! Why? Because this 12th book in the series is the only one I was missing and therefore I just couldn't wait to see where the story was going next. Sure the last 2 books were a slight disappointment but this book made up for it.

The Sweep series was pretty constant with the story always being told from the main character, Morgan, perspective. In the last 2 books this changed and it bugged me alot. However this book is again in a different format but it didn't both me so much. This book was written from both Morgan's and Alisa's perspective. With each chapter changing between them.

The story was great and back on form. The part Alisa played was interesting and reading it from her point of view helped see the story come together. I really enjoyed this part of the series and now I only have a couple of more books left before I reach the end of 'Sweep'.

With no cliffhanger this time and no definite signs of what is going to happen next (the previous books always left some clue) I am really wondering how long it will be before I can't resist reading the next part ;)


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