Sunday 6 January 2008
I left too much time between reading this book and the prequel 'doppelganger' (döppelganger is the correct spelling of this word but it is constantly spelt wrong by this author which could be intentional but it is annoying). I found it really hard to get back into this 'world' and remember who everyone was and what everything meant. There is a glossary in the back of the book but I am not someone who will keep looking up a word throughout a book and of course I didn't know it was there until I had finished reading.

*note to authors - put glossary in the front of the book!

Anyway the story of Mirei was interesting enough but the whole 'politics' in this book bored me. There wasn't that much action and with so many characters to keep track of I found myself getting confused. By the time I finished this I still knew what was happening but if I had to take a test on this one I think I would fail.

I know the author has a new book coming out this year but I am not sure if it is the next part in this series. If it is I think I will give it a miss. However if it is something new and looks interesting I will give it a go. This book and the prequel aren't bad...just hard to get your head around at points.


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