Saturday 5 January 2008
All other books were forgotten. This arrived in the post and I just had to start it straight away. I loved 'Witchling' and 'Changeling' alot but I have been eagerly awaiting Menolly's story.

I can say now that Menolly is definitely by far my favourite of the 3 sisters. I loved her story and enjoyed her so much that I could just read this book again right now even though I only just finished it. While being mysterious and in the background throughout the first 2 books I just knew she could be so much more and I wasn't disappointed.

I won't say too much about the storyline because it could spoil the book for alot of people but I will say that it was for me the best story so far. This series just gets better and better and I can't wait for 'Dragon Wytch' to come out as well as any more books in this amazing series.

Oh I have to say I missed Smokey the Dragon in this book...however Roz the Incubus made up for his absence and of course all the usual suspects were all present! I wish I could have a little 'Maggie' of mine own...she sounds so cute!

Anyone who hasn't read this series yet go out and get it!! Anyone who has read this series so far and haven't got a copy of 'Darkling' yet are crazy and should go buy the book and hide away for a few hours and devour this book in one go!

Thank you Mrs Galenorn!


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