Thursday, 3 January 2008
Finally another Kitty book! Was it worth the wait? Damn right it was!! This series just gets better and better. I sat down and started reading and before I knew what had happened I was on chapter 10! This book is addictive and you need a nice few hours of peace so you can eat it all up in one go!

In the beginning of this 4th book in the series Kitty gets 2 lots of bad news and a visitor from her past. Suddenly she is back home in Denver in the middle of a war when all she wanted to do was look after her family.

This was just full of great action, mystery and paranormal. With some nice twists and turns and a great storyline I can't wait for book 5 which is supposed to be out in Autumn this year!

So find a nice place to curl up and have something nice to drink and eat on hand because you won't want to stop once you have started this one. Kitty is my favourite Werewolf (Elena from Kelley Armstrong's books comes in at a very close 2nd) and she rocks in this book!


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