Thursday, 3 January 2008
I have been fighting with this book for a few months now. I would read some then put it down again until it got in my way and I would pick it up and read some more. Finally today I sat down with it and finished it off. Why did it take me so long? Well this was just not as good as the previous '44 Scotland Street' novels.

I am not sure what exactly was lacking in this book that the previous 2 books '44 Scotland Street' & 'Espresso Tales' had but this book bored me slightly. Sure there were good parts but I found myself only enjoying certain parts of the story.

Bertie is always a pleasure to read about. His strange overbearing mother and how he deals with her is fun. In this book Bertie really stole the limelight and I enjoyed reading about him more than any of the others.

Pat and Matthew were interesting enough but their story was slow and it often felt like they had been forgotten. I really found Domenica the least interesting of them all with Lou and Angus also being slightly uninteresting.

Of course Cyril is fun but a dog and a child shouldn't be the best characters in book featuring so many people. I think this series has lost its appeal for me but I may read the next part if it happens my way.


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