Saturday 19 January 2008
I really enjoyed 'The Christopher Killer' and couldn't wait to read another book in this 'Forensic Mysteries' series. Now I am even more eager to read more in this amazing series.

Cameryn is still helping her dad out as assistant coroner. She really enjoys it but sometimes she has to face a body of a person she knows. This time it is her teacher and the way he died is just weird. With no explanation of how he died the police are stumped.

However Cameryn has enough on her mind. Her mother who abandoned her 14 years ago is apparently coming to town looking for a reunion that her father knows nothing about. Plus she finally has a love life.

With attention to detail and a great story this is a great read. I really like the characters and I really can't wait to read more of this series. I hope the writer can write a little faster ;)


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