Monday 14 January 2008
There is a new cool paranormal writer on the block and his name is 'Justin Gustainis'. This first novel in the 'Quincey Morris Supernatural Investigation' series totally took me by surprise and has left me dying for more!

The prologue caught my attention. Then the first chapter (was apparentky also apeared iin a book called 'A Fistful of Fangs') made me realise that this was definitely going to be good. I was not wrong!

This book has everything from Black & White Magic to Voodoo. There are Vampires, Demons and some other nasty things that go bump in the night. Then there is Quincy Morris and Libby Chastain a pair of great Supernatural investigators that make the job look soooooo cool!

This book has alot of angles that come together nicely. Some amazing characters and a brilliant storyline that just had me completley hooked from page 1. I loved the style and I am really happy to see that we have another great male writer on the scene!

I am really looking forward to the next part in this series 'Evil Ways'. I haven't found a release date yet but it has earned a really high place on my 'must read asap' list.


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