Friday, 11 January 2008
This is the 7th 'Argeneau' novel and I have to say I am still not bored of this series. Simple, fun and witty this is a series I always enjoy and love following.

Finally we get to hear Victor's story and I am glad to say it is a nice one. This time we are taken away from the family and the normal haunts and transported to a small town where Elvi Black has been living the typical Vampire life....coffin, no food, no mirrors, no church etc. Anyone who reads this series will know that Elvi has things wrong. Well her friends are out to help her but they just don't realise how much!

This was a great read and I am looking forward to the next 2 books which are coming out over the next 2 months! What a treat!!!

However I have to give future readers a warning! There is a lovely Argeneau family tree in the front of the book. If you, like I did, decided to have a look to refresh your memory...then you will spoil how things end in this book...yeah they all end the same but it doesn't help if the family tree already tells you what will happen! So try and flip past that page and just go straight to the good stuff!


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