Thursday, 27 December 2007
This book has been on my wishlist for a while and I finally got a copy for Christmas. Of course I couldn't stop myself from reading it asap and now I am left unsure. Did I like it or not?

In theory I did like this. I read it to the end and did enjoy it. However I felt alot of explanation was missing about certain things. I also didn't warm to the main character too much. Also there were lots of characters in this book and I found it hard to keep up with who was who.

So I am 50/50 on this one but it is worth reading. I will book out for the second book 'Magic Burns' when it comes out.


posted by Amber Katze at Thursday, December 27, 2007 |


At 28 December 2007 at 13:11, Blogger Cherie

Yeah, I kinda had the same feelings as you on this one. Did I like it, or didn't I? I really wanted to but there were some things I just couldn't. But it was interesting nonetheless and I too will watch out for the next one to see how it progresses. And who knows, maybe at that point I'll decide I don't want to continue reading.

My review's here in case you're interested.


At 28 December 2007 at 13:33, Blogger Amberkatze

Well there has to be some bad ones out there. I don't have enough time to read them all otherwise ;)


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