Sunday, 23 December 2007
This 3rd part in the 'Vampire Twins Trilogy' was nothing amazing. Easy and quick to read there was no excitement for me while reading this but the feeling of 'I managed the first 2 and should finish this one too'.

Of course this book was written in 1994 and maybe was thrilling back then but I found it quite plain and silly. The characters seemed childish and the plot was slow and quite boring. However it was interesting enough to keep me reading till the end because I had already finished the first 2 books.

This is called 'Vampire Twins Trilogy' but there is a 4th book. I have it here and will give it a go because the end of this book did leave me wondering. I won't be rushing to read it though so it could be a while before I feel up to reading it.


posted by Amber Katze at Sunday, December 23, 2007 |


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