Wednesday 19 December 2007
This 3rd book in the 'Jennifer Scales' series has left me a little unsure. I just can't decide if I liked it or not. I really enjoyed the first 2 books but this one seemed different somehow and also I found it slightly confusing at times and hard to keep up with.

This is definitely a series where I should of read each book one after another. I had forgotten alot of what had happened in the first 2 books and despite the small reminders I still had trouble knowing what was what and who was who.

The story was a little slow and only took off after about 100 pages. I found Jennifer whined alot in this one which annoyed me. The concept and storyline were good and I did enjoy parts more than others. On a whole a nice book but I am not sure if I would read anymore of this series if there are going to be more. This series isn't, imho, one of MaryJanice Davidson's better ones.


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