Monday, 17 December 2007
I don't read as much 'chick-lit' as I used to but there are certain authors I always keep a look out for because I always enjoy them. Alexandra Potter is one of them.

This book started off as my 'Bag book' that gets read on the tram/bus etc but I got so into the story that I just spent the last hour or more in bed finishing it off ;)

It was a lovely story with a few nice twists! The characters were lovely and there was a hint of paranormal too! What I really liked was that the book is set over Christmas/New Year so it was the right time of year. I also enjoyed the American gal getting used the Brits!

Lovely book that I enjoyed reading even though I am not a Mr Darcy fan. I will be looking for future books by this author.


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At 18 December 2007 at 17:39, Blogger Mark

Hi Amber,

It's been a week since I announced the Winner of the Happy Hour of the Damned ARC.

You probably haven't read that post.

Email me...

...and I'll get the ARC off to you.



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