Sunday, 9 December 2007
Darren Shan's life is getting really interesting now! This 4th book is set 6 years after book #3. Of course for Darren this means nothing as he is a Vampire's Assistant and doesn't age very fast. So he still looks like a little boy.

In this book Darrena and Mr Crepsley take the long hard trip to 'Vampire Mountain' for a meeting with the Vampire Princes. Will the Princes be happy that a child has been made an assistant? Darren doesn't have time to worry about that because there is enough going on to keep him busy!

This part of the 'Darren Shan Saga' was left 'To Be Continued'. I have the next book here and really want to read on but there are other lovely books I need to pay attention too. However book 5 will be read over Christmas!


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