Sunday 9 December 2007
This 11th part in the 'Sweep' series was a slight disappointment. I was already slightly annoyed when the 10th part wasn't told from Morgan's perspective but Hunter's. However this time I was pleased to start reading and find the story continuing from Morgan's side...until I carried on reading.

Hunter and Morgan sit down to read the book he brought back with him from Canada. From this point on the story is told by Rose.

I can't say I liked Rose very much and I didn't really enjoy the 1680 Scotland setting. Sure this book showed us how witches were treated back then and how the 'Dark Wave' started but other than that I saw no point in this book. The author could have let one of the characters read this book and then give a short description.

I feel slightly cheated and hope that the last few books in the series go back to the style I was used to.


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