Friday 7 December 2007
Being home ill has an advantage! I can read a few books and also use my illness as a good excuse to read all the new books that I shouldn't be reading as soon as they arrive. I mean I want to feel good! Some good reading will make me feel better ;)

Well this 3rd book in the 'Anna Strong Chronicles' definitely made me feel better. Anna is starting to get on with her life as a vampire but keeps running into some problems along the way. It doesn't help that all her human friends and family have no idea that she is undead. Trying to find an even balance is hard work and it doesn't help that she is involved in the 'Watchers'.

This book is fast paced with lots of action. Twists and turns in the story left me feeling a little dizzy at times but the story makes sense in the end and I feel satisfied and can't wait for the next book when it arrives.

One warning for anyone who hasn't read the first 2 books - Read them! It took me a few chapters to get back into the story of 'Anna Strong' and anyone who hasn't read the first 2 books would find the book confusing.


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