Sunday, 2 December 2007
This wasn't as super as I expected it to be. I only kept reading because I really thought something amazing would happen. However I found the story rather dull and slow.

After the chef of the restaurant Quincie's uncle is about to open is found dead she becomes a little distracted. However this isn't a murder mystery as such because most of the book after this event deals with the opening of the restaurant, the new chef and the menu.

Slightly tedious this story is paranormal when it needs to be and then just normal when it suits. I found Quincie's character to be too grown up and annoying. Her uncle was never present and her friend Kieren could have been a much better friend.

All in all a nice story but it lacked something for me. Not exactly a bad read but not good enough for me to recommend anyone to buy it.


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At 2 December 2007 at 08:43, Blogger Erin

Don't you just hate when things don't liven up? The #1 sin of a book is being boring, ugh.


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