Sunday, 2 December 2007
So lets be fair. This isn't the best series that MaryJanice Davidson has come up with and it is no where near as good as the 'Betsy' books. However this author never disappoints and any fan will read all her books.

This 2nd part in the 'Fred the Mermaid' series is nothing to brag about. It is good as are all Davidson's books are but it is trying too hard to be 'Betsy'.

I love the whole Mermaid idea and enjoy this new 'paranormal' idea that isn't the typical Vamp, Were, Demon etc book. I find it funny too! The King mermaid and his addiction to Deadwood had me in stitches. However this still isn't a series that I am dying to read more of. I will read more when released but it hasn't yet 'got' be hooked.


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At 5 December 2007 at 04:57, Blogger Erin

I just read and reviewed the first book in Queen Betsy series. If I keep enjoying that series I may try this one next.


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