Sunday 25 November 2007
This book kept appearing on my Amazon recommendations and it already had a great review so I went ahead and treated myself. Now I am not sure if I should have bothered or if I should out this book to one side and read it again later.

This started off great but I found the writing style quite confusing. Sometimes I felt like there was a page missing or maybe I had turned two pages by mistake and had to keep going back and re-read pages again. Some of the story was good but alot of it just seemed like nonesense.

I kept reading till the end because the storyline in general wasn't too bad. However I still wonder if I need to read this again because I just didn't 'get it'.

I won't be rushing out to buy anymore books by this author but if they come to me I will try them. I think the concept is great but for some reason this book didn't agree with me.


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