Sunday, 18 November 2007
I saw a review for this somewhere and couldn't wait for it to be released. Buying books by new authors is always taking a chance and run the risk of leaving the reader disappointed. However to say I am not disappointed in this one is an understatement!

What a fresh new thrilling books this was! A great storyline with the most wonderful characters! This book left me feeling like I did when I read the first Rachel Morgan book by Kim Harrison, I want more!

Catherine is a half vampire and spends her college weekend free days hunting the scum who made her the way she is. Meeting with a nice vampire was never something she expected but after he trains her to become a better vampire hunter things get more exciting and deadly then she ever thought.

Catherine is a realistic character who is witty and fun. Bones the sexy vampire is fun and interesting. The storyline is easy to follow with lots of nice twists and turns and I definitely didn't expect the ending!! I have already put the second part ' One Foot in the Grave' (due out in May) on my pre-order list and also added the anthology 'Weddings From Hell' to my wishlist (out in June) which also features this great new Urban paranormal author!

Well worth buying and reading!!!


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