Sunday 28 October 2007
I really enjoyed the 'Riley Jenson' series written by this author so I naturally went out and looked for more of her books. I was happy to hear she had written more books and was really excited when I got hold of this first part in the 'Nikki & Micheal' series.

However any readers of Arthur's newer books should maybe think twice about going out and buying any of her previous work. Although not bad this was very raw and intense with hardly any character building. Maybe the series improves as her writing obviously does (The Riley Jenson series was brilliant!) but I won't be rushing out to buy the books to find out.

I think I will be sticking to her newer books which I know I will enjoy more. However don't be mistaken. This book was in no way bad. Just not as well written and impressive as the new books written by this great author!


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