Sunday, 21 October 2007
After finishing this and reading the 'read on for a sneak peak' blurb I wished I hadn't read this! Why? Because the next book in the series won't be out until September 2008!!!! I should have held onto this one a bit longer so the wait wouldn't be so great!

Abby is as wonderful as ever in this 5th book in the series. She and Butch have their ups and downs as always. Poor handyman Dave has a bit of a rough time too and so does Abby's sister who doesn't make that much of an appearence this time though.

Well some good things come out of this one. Abby gets back into the swing of things after her long break from work due to getting shot in the last book. Also she gets a partner in crime and finds her living arrangements getting better.

What makes me laugh though is that for a Psychic Abby always manages to not predict the things that are going to happen to her!


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