Sunday, 21 October 2007
Another Anthology and another me doing a mental head slap! Why? Because I always get annoyed by these kinds of books but I still can't stop myself from buying them. Always 2 or 3 authors I like and I expect, like other fans, that this will be a lovely feast of small stories that will keep me going until their next release.

Well I was mistaken again and left, as usual, disappointed. Why do these wonderful writers do this to us? And to themselves! Ok...enough of that let me give you the run down.

First up was 'The Majicka' by MaryJanice Davidson. One of my favourite authors ever and well known for her 'Queen Betsy' series and 'Wyndam Werewolves' decided to write something completely new. No Betsy in sight.

This story wouldn't have been too bad if it had been stretched to a whole normal sized novel. However it was a short story with way too many characters and not enough time for a proper introduction to them.

I think this would have made a great story and a possible new series for Davidson but it lacked about 200 pages. It was over before it started and it left me confused about who was who.

Nice try and the 2nd best story in this book.

Story 2 was from Lori Handeland and was called 'Voodoo Moon'. Having read all of her 'Nightcreature' series I knew from the title that I was in for a new 'Jäger-Sucher' treat.

This was a great story and what I expected from the author. This was actually by far the best story in the book. The only thing that let it down slightly was what the main characters had to do to solve the killings.

This great story has left me eager for 'Thunder Moon' to arrive!

Third up was Cheyenne McCray with 'Breath of Magic' or as I would have called it 'Sex'. That was basically the plot of this one. Sex and more sex. I didn't enjoy this even thought the start seemed promising. I ended up speed reading the sex stuff...which was the majority of this circa 80 page story.

If you are a fan you will most likely love this but it wasn't my thing.

Lastly we had Christine Warren with 'Any Witch Way She Can'. This wasn't bad but it wasn't good either. It was slightly confusing and maybe if it was stretched to a longer story it would have been a really good read. However this one was the 3rd best in the book and left me thinking 'this could have been better'.

I am sure that other readers will have different opinions to me on this one. It is definitely a book that is worth reading and I know alot of people want to read it. So don't be put off by my reviews but try it for yourself...maybe borrow it though...don't buy...


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