Wednesday 17 October 2007
The title of this book is slightly misleading. There is blood but there wasn't any chocolate ;)

Ok that said and done this wasn't a bad read. The word 'dry' popped into my head a few times while reading but I guess that is what happens when an adult writes about a main character who is a teenager. Also I noticed that this book was written about 10 years ago so I guess you have to make some allowances on the age thing.

Other than that the story was good and kept me guessing till the end. Vivian was a likable character although I found it strange that a born werewolf would be so disgusted about killing. I suppose it shows that if werewolves did exsist that there could be nice ones as well as not so nice ones.

I will be adding another book by this author to my wishlist. Silver Kiss looks like it could be a nice read too.


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