Sunday, 30 September 2007
This 8th part in the 'Sweep' series was just an improvement on all the other books. With each book the story gets better and even more interesting. With twists and turns all the way I just want to sit with the whole series and read them all in one go.

In this book we find Morgan home alone while her parents are on holiday. She is looking forward to the peace until she gets a visit from the council. They know about her real dad and need her to contact him.

I feel so sorry for Morgan in this book. She just wants some time to herself and she ends up being put into situations she isn't happy with. Although her Magick is getting amazingly good her grades in school are dropping and all her attempts to study are always squashed.

I hope the next book sees some positive changes for Morgan. I wonder how long I can hold out before I move on to book 9!


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