Friday 17 August 2007
This book was 'Fanged' but it was far from 'Fabulous'. I am sure others will think differently but I am sure some will agree, this was a poor sequel to 'Bitten & Smitten'.

It has been over a year since I read the prequel to the book 'Bitten & Smitten' but I can remember enjoying it alot more than this second part. This was very 'chick-lit' like and nothing much really changed in Sarah's life.

The relationship between Quinn and Sarah was making me yawn the whole way through. Sarah's friends were as useful to her as a chocolate teapot and Sarah herself sounds like a dumb blonde (although she has dark hair). There was no girl power but just ditzy like behaviour from all concerned.

As I said I am sure people will disagree with me and will enjoy this book and wonder what why the hell I didn't like it that much. It always comes down to personal taste and also expectations. I expected alot more from this book and I am disappointed. The 3rd book in this series will not be high on my wishlist but I will give Sarah another try in the future.


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