Thursday 16 August 2007
This was the 3rd and last book in the 'Wereling' series. It was also the worst.

I quite enjoyed part 1 and part 2 wasn't too bad either. However this last book just went OTT! Blind old men who can change DNA code by just talking to someone?? Some dead guy being resurrected with some white wolf DNA? It was way too far fetched!

Too many characters in this one made me dizzy. I must have sped read the last 100 pages because I was finished alot quicker than I expected. I still got the whole story though...just didn't take the time to read all the nonesense.

The only reason I kept reading till the end is that I really wanted to see how the thing came to an end. I was not happy with the ending and not happy with myself for wasting my time.


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