Monday 13 August 2007
Jezebel has run away from hell and is trying her luck as a mortal. Even after getting used to the little things like having to pee ;) she still has some demons on her trail. Sexy and sassy Jezebel finds some work that puts her 4 thousand years as a succubus to good use and starts trying to be normal. However half of hell is trying to track her down and she is having some man trouble too. Will Jezebel manage to survive on Earth?

This was money well spent! I loved this new imaginative storyline and laughed out loud a few times! The writing style flows and once you get into this one you won't be able to stop reading! It is highly addictive! Also while being a bit on the racy side this was not one of those 'roll your eyes' sex type books! So don't be put off!

I am so glad to see that this will be a series with the second book out soon! 'The Road to Hell' will be interesting after the little cliffhanger at the end of this book!


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