Sunday 12 August 2007
This was a great second part to the 'Greywalker' series and I totally enjoyed reading more about the 'Grey'. I can't wait till next Summer (yes a whole worth of waiting!) until the 3rd part 'Underground' is set to be released! See Kat Richardson's homepage for more info!

This book was really interesting for me. I love watching programmes like 'Most Haunted' and it really made me think hard about what kind of activity they have witnessed and if it could be faked or not. I loved the whole parapsychologist angle and was impressed by all the facts and information.

Of course mostly I loved the characters. The Danziger's are great friends for Harper and also Quinton is a great help. It was a shame that there wasn't more of Will in this book but I think it is nice to read a book without too much lovey dovey stuff for a change. My all time favourite character in this book has to be Choas and the author has planted the idea of getting a ferret firmly in my head :)


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