Sunday 5 August 2007
I read this today because I already have the next two books in the series so I wanted to get started on this before the other books get drowned in dust ;)

Being British I can totally relate to the things that Emily was going through. Seen through an American perspective made it very funny but it is the hard truth! We wear school uniforms and eat weird food...we also have different words and sayings for things...and it must really suck if you have to go through this kind of change as a teenager! Going through it and being British was hard enough...going through it as an American living in the UK must be horrible!

Anyway this was a nice quick read in email format although I found the main character a little annoying. I wondered if the Oded she had a crush on was indeed the Oded I was thinking of and yes it is! I wonder why a 16 year old American girl would have a crush on him??? He is ok but not that yummy!

Anyway I am looking forward to seeing how things progress for Emily. I am also looking forward to seeing how things go for her friend Dru!

If you aren't into teenage books check out Katie Maxwell writing under the name Katie McAlister! She writes some pretty good Paranormal books!


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