Sunday 29 July 2007
Continuing with a 'Scottish' theme this weekend I moved from Rankin's Edinbugh to Lin Anderson's Glasgow!

This series captured me a while back and this 4th book about Rhonda MacLeod was back on form after what was a slightly weird 3rd book in the series. Dark Flight was dark and wonderful...and as one of the book reviews says ' A sexy new rival for old Rebus...'.

This was, for me, one of the best books in this series. The characters have grown and the background stories of their personal lives are starting to make a statement. The actual case in this book was well written and full with twists. The story was well written and as a reader you are well informed about everything you need to know to have everything make sense.

I liked the 'African' angle in this book and the link of Glasgow with Nigeria is just one of the aspects of this story that the author obviously did alot of research about and I actually at some points really felt I was 'there' because of the great discriptions and writing style.

I am soooo looking forward to another in this series. I am sure it will be a while though.


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