Sunday 29 July 2007
Well this book has had a long stay on my tbr pile. With trying to get this far into the Rebus series and reading many other books inbetween it has been quite a while since this book came home with me in Nove 2005! However now I am this far into the series and finally I have managed to read this 13th book in the Rebus Series.

Firstly it has been a while since I have visited 'Rebus' in Edinburgh so it took me a while to get into this book. Secondly, once I realised this book wasn't about the 'Resurrection Men' and just a bunch of Police guys calling themselves that then I was slightly disappointed. However the book did grab me in ways and I as always got caught up with Rebus and Siobhan and their Scottish crime fighting.

All in all this wasn't one of my favourite Rebus books and would actually most likey be one of the ones I didn't like much...if not the worst. Somehow there was something missing for me in this tale and I found the story was a little to complicated with all the pieces coming together so quickly near the end of the book.

However this won't put me off! I love Rebus, Siobhan and the Edinburgh setting! It may be a while before I grab the 14th Rebus novel from my shelf but when I do I am sure I will enjoy it!


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