Sunday 22 July 2007
This 7th book in the 'Anita Blake' series wasn't one of my favourites. I actually forced myself to finish it and would have just thrown it aside if it wasn't for the fact that the series is supposed to be so good. So maybe this book was just not one of the better ones?

The majority of the book seemed to be concerned with Vamp and Pack politics. Anita of course was still doing her 'I love the vamp or do I really' thing. She also seems hell bent on just getting involved with anything and killing anyone who gets in her way.

Anyway...I wonder what the future holds for this series. I have been told it gets way too sexy but so far it hasn't. Although this book did have alot of rape references. I will be reading book 8 sometime...but it won't be very soon. I feel I need a big break between the books in this series.


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