Sunday 17 June 2007
It's a Dirty Job but somebody has to do it!

This is definitely the best way to describe the job Charlie has been left with. But don't be mistaken. It isn't the job of raising his daughter alone or looking after the hellhounds who have decided to live with him. The job of trying to run his shop is easy compared to what he has been landed with - Collecting the souls of dead people.

This amazing unusual witty and laugh out loud book is what every Moore fan is used to and loves! He has done it again with 'A Dirty Job' and I just can't wait to read another of his books!


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At 17 June 2007 at 09:40, Blogger Cherie

Mike just picked this one up to start on himself. It'll return to my own Mt. TBR afterwards, but I'm definitely gonna try to squeeze it in this summer myself! Glad to see it was just as good as all the rest! :)


At 17 June 2007 at 12:48, Blogger Unknown

I still need to get hold of 'Lamb'. Then I think I have read them all...he is a great author!


At 24 June 2007 at 09:20, Blogger cheesygiraffe

This was a great book. I read it soon after it came out. I've got all his books in my TBR that I haven't read. The ones I have read are long gone. He's very popular but I see why.


At 24 June 2007 at 09:42, Blogger Unknown

I just mooched 'Coyote Blue' which I realised I didn't have. I also have Fluke here to I just need Lamb...


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