Sunday 3 June 2007
Well this was a mixed bunch! I can't believe I finally found an Angela Knight story that I liked. Her contribution to this book 'Moon Dance' was really good and a great opener for the book. I wonder if this was a one off story of if she will or has written anything else about 'Direwolves'.

The second story in this book by Virgina Kantra started off promising but lost me about halfway through. I sped read the rest of the story and it didn't grab me in anyway. Will look up the author though to see what else she has written.

The 3rd story was the story I had been waiting for. Maryjanice Davidson is one of my favourite authors but I have to say that I was disappointed in this story. It seemed rushed and the storyline wasn't brilliant. She can write alot better and it is a shame that this story wasn't IMHO up to her usual standards.

The last story by Sunny has left me intrigued. I haven't read any of the Mona Lisa books but have had them on my wishlist for some time. Getting halfway through the story I realised I wasn't really following everything because I haven't been introduced to the characters and story before. I finished reading this short story but I really feel I need to read 'Mona Lisa Awakening' and then go back and read this story again.


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