Saturday 5 May 2007
It took me a little longer to read this as I expected because I just had to savour every word. Mrs Harris has done it again and written a great book and a wonderful edition to Sookie's life!

Finally we get to see what the convention is all about, find out more about Quinn and just find out how Sookie is doing. Her world is never quiet and I am really interested to see what will happen next. I loved her references to Bill as her 'invisible ex' and really enjoyed her conversations and experiences with Barry the Bellboy.

Buy this book!


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At 11 May 2007 at 06:50, Blogger Joanne (NeedSun)

Now I am going to head to the store to get my own copy. You are making me want to take a bed day


At 14 May 2007 at 14:02, Blogger Unknown

I hope you enjoy it! I am really sad that I have to wait another year or so before there is a new feature length Sookie!

However I am looking forward to the little Sookie story coming in Oct in 'Many Bloody Returns'.


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