Sunday, 26 April 2009
Helen has found a new dead-end job. At least this one pays a bit more than her previous employers have but the abuse and working conditions are worse. If you thought being rung by a telemarketer was annoying you should try being one. Helen isn't really enjoying the work but she is selling enough to get by and save up for a car. That is until she hears a woman getting murdered when she phones someone up to conduct a phone survey.

Not able to let the event go, even though the police found nothing, she starts doing some detecting of her own. Before you know it Helen is getting into things she really shouldn't and taking off more clothes than she thought she would in public. Will Helen find out what happened to the woman she heard being murdered? Or will the murder catch up with her first?

Book three in the Dead-end job series was just as good as the first two books. I am really enjoying this series and I am liking Helen more and more with each book I read. She is strong and stubborn but also funny and feisty. I can't wait to read more in this cozy series and see what Helen gets herself into next.

Just as much fun as Stephanie Plum but with a more serious and grown up edge to it. If you are looking for something interesting but not too over the top this is worth giving a try.

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