Tuesday 21 April 2009
Sylvie Marley is a rare creature drawn to the Moon with the urge to run wild in the night. She is also in love with the young, handsome werewolf Lucien Drago, son of the Duchess de Marais. She too could be a werewolf if she chose, called as she is by the spirit of the Moon and the family's werewolf curse.

Although her father, Andrew Marley managed to lift the curse, Sylvie still has the choice between the life she craves as a werewolf and the life of a normal young woman. However, that choice may be taken from her by a madman seeking power as the new king of the Voodoos. To prove himself, he intends to force Sylvie to become a werewolf with his magic, thereby sealing her fate, and her life, unless he is stopped.

This was my 'bag' book which meant when I was stuck somewhere for a while I ended up reaching for this to read. I am sure that if I hadn't have been stuck with this book as my only option, that I would have given up on it pretty quickly. Not bad, this was just not my thing. It was also very confusing and I couldn't keep up with all the various characters. Nice paranormal elements but lacking a main character, this story was all over the place.

The Werewolf's Kiss is the first book in "The Werewolf Trilogy," and I certainly won't be reading the other two books. Nothing about this one has left me wanting more.


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At 21 April 2009 at 16:28, Blogger LuAnn

Gosh, that's too bad. Thanks for letting us know, though.


At 22 April 2009 at 12:55, Blogger Vickie

Thanks for the cranium's up. I hate when I get a purse book (same as your bag book) and it is my only option and I am in for a long wait somewhere. I feel for ya!


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