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Blurb from publisher's synopsis-

In our line of work, there were demons and necromancers, and then there were…other things. Older things without names that you didn’t ever want to meet. I swallowed a lump in my throat, knowing I was in the presence of evil…

As an Occult Special Investigator, Tess Corday has seen her fair share of disturbing crime scenes--but nothing ever shocked her as much as the ritualistic murder of a drugged-out runaway kid, who she soon learns was not the first such victim.

All the dead teens had traces of the dangerous magical drug called Hex in their bodies. All were the children of powerful mage families. All were killed with the sacred tools of mages. It adds up to the chilling possibility that the OSI is dealing with a serial killer, one who has incredible inhuman powers.

To stop the slaughter, Tess and her partner Derrick will go anywhere and do anything—including seeking help from the necromancer Lucian Agrado, whom Tess is under orders to avoid . But as the deaths continue, Tess becomes convinced that the identity of the killer is locked inside her own head. And the question is—how many rules is she willing to break to get to the truth?

What I thought -

I was very impressed by Night Child the first book in this series when it was released in May last year. CSI crosses Paranormal Urban Fantasy was my dream come true and Jes Battis had done a great job of pulling it off. So when Jes was asking people if they would like to read an ARC of the second book called A Flash of Hex I couldn't stop myself from sending him a message. After all I love CSI, I love the Paranormal genre and I really liked the first book.

This second novel set in the OSI world is an amazing sequel filled with paranormal action galore. With necromancers, vampires and a variety of other supernaturals this series has a little of something for everyone. The CSI aspect will interest alot of readers and I have to say that the author either knows alot about the area of really did his homework because he goes into detail and writes it well.

The characters really stood out in this book. Tess finds out more about her abilities, Derrick gets to see some action and Mia is growing up. The romantic tension between Tess and Lucian is not too over the top and the new boss at OSI is more of a help than the previous boss. There are also a few new characters this time around which I hope will keep showing their faces in future books.

This magical crime scene investigation has paranormal urban fantasy written all over it and lives up to the expectations. Jes Battis has written something a little different for the genre and I hope he will be showing us more in the future. This author belongs amongst the bright new PUF stars such as Caitlin Kittredge, Jeaniene Frost and Jocelynn Drake.

A Flash of Hex is due for Release in May. Part one in the series Night Child is already available.

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At 11 January 2009 at 10:20, Blogger samantha.1020

These two sound great and I'm adding them to the TBR list. Great review!


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