Wednesday, 31 December 2008
Anita Blake is the person the cops call when they get a case too macabre for them to handle. She is the woman the vampires call the 'Exterminator' and she raises zombies for a living. So imagine the surprise of some of the people present when Anita throws up in the bushes when she sees a dead body. However to give credit when it is due this was not any ordinary body but that of a child. Which vampire is targeting youngsters? If Anita finds it you can guarntee she is going to stake it.

This graphic novel is special because it takes place before we readers met Anita in Guilty Pleasures. This shows you how Anita's career started and her first meeting with Jean-Claude. Definitely a book that hardcore Anita fans should get as soon as possible and not something to be laughed at if you have read any of the books in the series and enjoyed them.

The artwork is extremely good and the story is of course great. Nothing else should be expected from Hamilton and hopefully there will be more of these graphic novels showing Anita's past. However I am still not liking the piece of hair always hanging down inbetween Anita's eyes. How could any woman fight a vampire with hair in her face? And I still can't get over Edward looking so young.

A great edition to the Anita history and what makes this book even better is the Guilty Pleasures handbook at the end. With details about all the characters and the storyline it is worth getting the book just for the extra part.

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At 1 January 2009 at 01:42, Blogger Adele

I'm a fan of early Anita, this should be worth the pennies.


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