Thursday 11 September 2008
Found alone in the woods, Shori appears to be a little black girl with amnesia and near fatal wounds. But Shori is a fifty three year old vampire and she needs blood. Genetically modified she can walk in daylight and is very special. So Special in fact that there are some humans who would like to see her dead.

Shori finds friends and then family while learning more about her kind and her needs. Following her instincts she manages to survive over and over again. However death and destruction follow this little girl who is not as ypung as she looks. Will she manage to survive everything thrown at her and make a new family for herself?

Fledgling was a strange read for me. It is hard for me to describe what I felt about this but I will try my best. Actually to start with I was taken aback by how well told Shori's story was told. The writer really wrote this book as a work of fiction and this is not Urban Fantasy. It is a story about a vampire but it is more about race, family and sexuality.

However on saying that there are a few things that bothered me about this book. Firstly that even though Shori is 53 in vampire years she looks like an 11 year old human...and her first friendship still sleeps with her. Now I got over this but I found it very sick that a grown man slept with this youngster for whatever reason...although I did get past that but I am sure alot of readers would have trouble with this.

Another thing that bothered me was the complex ways of Shori's race. I am glad she got to grips with things, despite her amnesia, but I found it extremely hard to follow. Also at some points there were so many characters involved in the story that I didn't know who was who anymore. I took my time with this one but it was hard going and I needed to rest after a few chapters to take things in.

All in all Fledgling is a gripping piece of writing and very original. If you are looking for something serious and with depth then this is worth reading. However if you have a problem with a girl being with a grown man even if she is supposed to be older then stay away from this.


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