Monday 14 July 2008
The name's John Taylor and I am PI. What I really do is find things that are lost and I only work in the Nightside. The Nightside is a city within London where the sun never rises and where the unhuman and human live together in something other than harmony.

After the war that almost brought the Nightside to an end something or someone needs to take over the city. Some people think John Taylor is the man for the job but others don't agree. An immortal known as the Griffin wants the job and he is wealthy enough to do it. Melissa his granddaughter and heir has been kidnapped and the Griffin calls on John to find her.

Someone or something is blocking John's powers so this time he will have to do the job the hard way. He is also against the clock because if Melissa isn't found people will die and the Griffin will have to find a new heir.

Hell to Pay is the seventh book in the Nightside series and possibly the best yet. After a few books in the series revolving around John's mother, her identity and John finding her this book takes the series back to the normal PI aspect of things.

With the unusual characters, strange setting and gruesome storylines this is fantasy with a pinch of paranromal. In the weird and wonderful Nightside, John Taylor is the nearest to normal and that is saying something. With great wit and humour this is a spooky and disgusting series that most people will not enjoy. Read it at your own peril and start at the beginning with Something from the Nightside so you don't miss any of the fun.

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At 14 July 2008 at 14:09, Blogger Patricia Altner

Excellent review! Someone gave me books by Green. I set them aside, but now I'll need to find them and start reading.


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