Friday 16 May 2008

As promised here is a brief excerpt from EVIL WAYS, which is currently in progress. It introduces a new character who plays an important role in the story.

I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did!

Gunther Krause slipped into the abandoned house through the back door a few minutes before sunrise. There were stories that the undead could take the form of mist that could be directed anywhere they wished to go. If that were true, Krause had yet to figure out how to manage it, which was a pity. It would have made his existence much easier.
Still, he had little cause for complaint. He had been using this place as his daylight refuge for two months now, and it had served him very well. The structure had been condemned as unsafe, so no one came here, even stupidly adventurous children.
Krause would not have minded a visit from some children – but only after dark, when he was able to receive them properly.
As he made his way through the decrepit living room, Krause glanced down at his shirtfront. Damn, bloodstains again. And I thought I was feeding so carefully tonight. Well, looks like a new shirt for Gunther. Maybe I’ll take it from my next meal, before I open him up to feed.
Krause was four paces from the basement door when he suddenly realized he was lying on the floor. A moment later, the pain hit him – a searing, merciless agony at the base of his spine that only one thing could have caused. Silver.
He heard them then, the sounds of boot heels crossing the uneven wooden floor. A few seconds later, the owner of the boots came into view. Krause didn’t really need to breathe anymore, but he gasped, nonetheless. He had in an instant taken in the black hair, the pallor, the scar along an otherwise beautiful, if hard, face. The woman’s shirt and pants were black, to match the boots. In one hand she held the still smoking, silenced .25 automatic that she had used to fire a silver bullet into his spine.
Through teeth clenched tight in pain, Krause managed, “They say you don’t … exist A legend … a myth, no more.”
The woman let a tiny smile appear on her face. “And now you know better,” she said, in a beautiful soprano voice that sounded like angels singing. “Pity you won’t get the chance to spread the word.”
“Who … who sent you?”
“The family of your second victim. The second in this town, anyway. You didn’t disguise your work quite as well as you thought. They figured out that it was one of you leeches who killed him.”
Her boots tapped out another slow rhythm on the floorboards as she walked over to the nearby window. Miraculously, its shade was still intact. She moved it aside a few inches and glanced outside. “Sun’s almost up,” she said, conversationally, and walked back to where the wounded vampire lay.
“What are you … waiting for?” Krause moaned. “Finish it.”
“In due time,” the woman said. “Which will be very soon, now.”
“Just … because your first shot … missed ….”
She laughed with what sounded like genuine amusement. “Missed? Oh, dear gracious me, no. That bullet went exactly where I wanted it.”
“Why maim … not kill?”
“Because I wanted to spend a few minutes having this little chat with you, Gunther. You don’t mind if I call you Gunther, do you?”
She sauntered back to the window and peered out again. “Ah, sunrise!” she said. “Looks like it should be a beautiful day.”
She looked back at Gunther Krause, and for a moment there was something in her face that would have frightened half the demons in Hell. Then she reached down slowly and grasped the bottom of the window shade.
“Any last words?” she asked pleasantly.
“Fuck you … you twisted fucking … cunt.”
Hannah Widmark, known in some circles as Widowmaker, smiled broadly. “Well, those will serve, I suppose.”
She yanked the bottom of the shade down hard, then released it.
For a full minute she stood there, watching impassively and listening to the screams.
Then she left, her boots crunching over the gray ashes that lay strewn across the floor in the shape of a man.

Thank you again Justin for letting me post this!

Evil Ways is due for release at the end of December!

I would love to hear what you all think of the excerpt. So post here and let me know!


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