Thursday 1 November 2007
Seeker is the 10th book in the 'Sweep' series and this one really put me off a little. So far the series has been great and even though this book wasn't bad it was for me, if I had to pick one, the worst so far.

After 9 book of Morgan's story and 9 books from her point of view the author suddenly wrote from Hunter's point of view. This really annoyed me and I missed Morgan alot. Even her small diary enteries were not enough to make me feel better. I felt cheated and really didn't enjoy reading from Hunter's perspective. He was boring, too naive and just not interesting at all.

The story in this one is one that I have wanted to see covered for a while. Hunter finding out where his parents are and what happened to them has been something the series has revolved around quite a bit. However I feel a little cheated by the outcome and thought it would have been more exciting.

Two new characters were introduced in this book (I won't mention who because it could ruin the story for some) and I am very sure we will be seeing alot more of both. One will be causing trouble and the other maybe good or could even end up causing trouble too.

All in all this was still good and I still can't wait to read the rest of the series. As usual the ending left me wanting more but I could have done without the change of pace.


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