Monday 20 August 2007
This was a mystery where the plot revolved around Sudoku puzzles. It was a nice interesting new twist and I was looking forward to this. However I didn't find it as good as it could have been.

There were alot of characters and I couldn't keep up with all of them. Near the end of the book the story was suddenly been told by a different character, which was weird. Also I found it very annoying that the main character had to keep travelling back and forth between Maine and California.

All in all this was ok. The whole Sudoku twist kept me reading and the idea of secret messages being hidden inside the Chinese number logic puzzles was very cool! However I didn't really like the characters at all.

This is supposed to be the first in a series. I don't think I would actively go looking for another of these but I wouldn't be upset to get another in the series as a present or as part of a trade.

Oh and the book actually has some Sudoku puzzles inside for you try yourself...a little off putting because they are placed right in the middle of a chapter so it is hard to keep reading without at least starting the puzzle. Although a nice touch which made this book fun.


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