Sunday 19 August 2007
Another great 'Dar-Hunter' novel but with less Dark Hunter and more Gods! Not that I am complaining! I just felt a little like I was cheated...while Sin, one of the main characters in this book, is a Dark-Hunter he isn't a proper Dark Hunter. Anyone reading the series will understand ;)

Anyway this all plays out in Vegas. We see the return of Katra who has been in some previous books. We find out exactly who she is and alot of secrets come out in the process! There are quite a few twists and turns in this book and even though most of the usual crowd have a role in this book there are quite a few new characters including new nasty guys!

I really liked this one. Sure it seemed a little different to the other 'Dark-Hunter' novels but we learn so much in this book and also see the wonderful Simi and her sister doing what they do best ;)

I can't wait for the next Sherrilyn Kenyon book. She has found a great storyline and she is writing all the books so well! Every single one was a joy to read and this newest 11th one was no different!


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